We received 125 final papers for the VIII Workshop!

Our Network, aims to link teachers, researchers, academics, professionals and entrepreneurs concerned with promoting entrepreneurship and innovation throughout Latin America.

The Network itself has taken the following objectives, through its DECLARACIÓN EmprendeSUR EN ESPAÑOL (EmprendeSur Statement) endorsed on October 31st 2008, in Paraguay; in the framework of the Network’s III Workshop:

…”to summon researchers and academics of the region for collaborating and exchanging experiences on:

• Education for entrepreneurship and innovation which permeates at all levels of the education system in formal settings, from schooling up to the higher education system

• Training of trainers for development of entrepreneurs and innovators

• Training and support for entrepreneurs and innovators

• The state of the art in the thematic of entrepreneurship and innovation in all countries in the region

• The development of joint and/or comparative research projects

• Exchange and mobility of researchers, students, entrepreneurs, innovators  and trainers through the region.

• The organization of meetings, seminars and  gatherings in order of sharing and disseminating knowledge about this topic and conducting the EmprendeSUR Workshop regularly

• Cultural Promotion and Dissemination of entrepreneurship and innovation

• Development of public policy proposals fostering the development of entrepreneurship and innovation

Stronger networking and partnerships in each of our countries and link with other existing networks.

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