Within the framework of the IX Workshop of Training University Entrepreneurs of the EmprendeSUR Network, held from 9-11 September 2015, in the city of Mar del Plata, Argentina and as a result of the exchange of good practices and the sharing of 70 works and posters belonging to 8 countries participating and two discussion panels: On one hand the panel dedicated to Innovative Entrepreneurship, including representatives of Governments such as Colombia, Chile and Argentina, and on the other hand the panel related to cases of successful entrepreneurs trained within the same EmprendeSUR, as well as conferences and roundtable discussions held in the Programme, it seems relevant to extend the outreach of these activities throughout the Latin America entrepreneurship community reporting on substantial results.


Eleven years have now passed since the EmprendeSUR Network started its work; it is particularly pleasing to note that today it gathers together more than 300 researchers, professionals and entrepreneurs in all countries in the region.

Today even more than yesterday, we are convinced that the Entrepreneurship and Innovation which we all earnestly believe, as our Statement of Principles contends, may change the destinies of our countries and become a real engine of economic and social development, sustainable and solidarity-based, as a builder of opportunities and peace for our countries.

The move towards entrepreneurship and innovation that we seek breaks paradigms, traditional schemes and it doesn’t with “more of the same”. It represents a new philosophy, a new ontology, a new pedagogy.  It deploys passion in the process of making, constitute a personal search for self-construction focusing to positively impact our societies. That it is ultimately a new way of being.

  1. I.             REGARDING THE ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATION EDUCATION,  one of the EmprendeSUR Network primary targets, the IX WORKSHOP highlights and reiterates its call for:

-          It is imperative formulating public policies that recognize and give explicit support to the entrepreneurship and innovation training as part of the education reform process.

-          Entrepreneur and innovation training should permeate the whole curriculum of formal education in all levels and types of education, from basic to higher and must be started at the earliest possible age.

-          It appears increasingly necessary that the mission of Universities as well as higher education institutions makes an explicit institutional commitment with entrepreneurship and innovation education,

-          These education activities related to entrepreneurship and innovation break with old teaching paradigms and become an experiential process which in turn requires new capacities and new roles on teachers,

-          We reaffirm our conviction that a new preparation for higher education academics and education system educators is required in order to give a new educational perspective and for the  successful development in this new engagement we seek,

-          This new type of training must incorporate special attention and appropriate knowledge of the environment objective at which where impact is expected,

-          Within the framework of the educational institutions social responsibility, it is important to generate opportunities of social entrepreneurship in order to enabling social inclusion of communities and vulnerable groups,

-          It seems to be important, that this entrepreneurship and innovation training consider interdisciplinary classroom practice and encourages collaborative work as well as strengthening regional networks,

-          Education for entrepreneurship and innovation must not forget that institutions or companies nowadays require that training of technicians and professionals must also incorporate inter-entrepreneurship or corporative entrepreneurship which allows establishing a continual improvement process.


-          it is imperative that the public policies concerning the area, often preferably focused on productive entrepreneurship  with high technological impact, consider as an integral part of them  the meaningful support to the development of entrepreneurs and innovators training,

-          There is also emphasis on the need to deepen one’s own research regarding innovation and entrepreneurship areas as a support to the creation of policies and programmes that not only copy or replicate models from other contexts but generate real comprehensive  responses directly connected to the local and regional environment,

-          At the same time, this research must help as the basis of these development processes that the same institutions take,

-          In the case of young people who are stimulated to develop autonomous businesses, there is  also a vital need to create follow-up mechanisms and supporting measures  to increase their expectations of sustainable integration on the market,

-          It is relevant that both institutions as entrepreneurs develop communicational strategies which allow them to broadcast their achievement and progress in order to contribute to have a positive impact of a true entrepreneurial and innovation culture,

-          It is our will that the entrepreneurship and innovation we develop fully respect our own ancestral cultures as a symbol of our national identity and contribution to mankind’s cultural heritage.

We are also all aware of this need therefore we invite to all private and public stakeholders committed to the issues of entrepreneurship and innovation in order to build upon local and regional ecosystems of entrepreneuship and innovation that allows to build the new Latin America we all seek: developed, prosperous, democratic, solidary, peaceful and sustainable.


Mar del Plata, Argentina, September 2015.

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