About Us

The EmprendeSUR Network (RED EmprendeSUR) was founded in 2004, lead by the concern of a group of teachers, researchers, and academics in general, who shared the need of building a meeting space for debate and deep thinking on the entrepreneurship and innovation areas.

Nowadays, chairs the Network, PhD. Pedro Vera Castillo Head of the Entrepreneurship Promotion and Development Program (EMPRENDO) of the University of Concepción (Chile), along as Vice Chairmen: Lic. Jorge Pablo Sela , Coordinator of the entrepreneur training program at the National University of Luján (Argentine); PhD. Bezamat de Souza Neto, Coordinator at INDETEC  – UFSJ Business Incubator of The Federal University of São João del-Rei (Brazil) and  the Mtr. Andrés Mauricio Higuita Palacio, ViceRector of the Remington University Corporation of Medellin (Colombia)

fotos_emprendesurFurthermore, among their members The Network counts with leading experts in the entrepreneuship and innovation fields throughout Latin America.